Hydrogen Safety - HyResponse

Operational training

The operational hydrogen training facility allows First Responders: to visualize hydrogen and fuel cell applications; to apply in practice what they have learnt during class; to simulate interventions, to test and implement operational response strategies identified for selected scenarios. The operational hydrogen training facility also allows First Responders to discover and observe phenomena related to the behaviour of hydrogen in a real incident and/or accident scene.

Training Materials Link
Overall overview of the platform  
Technical platform area
Jet fire platform
700 bar hydrogen car
Alternative energy car (LPG 20 bar; CNG 200 bar; H2 350 bar; battery fire)
Explosion platform
Dismantled hydrogen tube trailer
Mock-up dispenser
Mock-up Fuel/Electrolyser containerised system

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HyResponse project is a Coordination and Support Action funded by Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking and supported by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme. Project reference: 325348.